Stretch Fabric for Wall Art

Wall panel art is a relatively cheap way to decorate a wall space.  Choosing the appropriate stretch fabric for the panels, however, may be more tricky than one thinks.  There are endless patterns available for purchase, but many are not suitable for wall art.  Those of us who don’t have a great eye for design often have trouble choosing which fabric to use.  Fortunately, by remembering a few simple tips, one can make their design experience as painless as possible and you might just have a little fun in the process.

Panel Wall Art using Stretch Fabric

Panel Wall Art using Stretch Fabric

The first step, which is perhaps the most important and enjoyable one, is deciding what kind of stretch fabric you ultimately wish to purchase.  One of the more basic designs is a series of pastel colored panels that are either lined evenly across or placed on top of each other on a wall.  The advantage of such a design is that it blends well with practically every other design imaginable.  So you don’t have to worry as much about color clashes or contrasts.  Furthermore, it is the simplest one to use as there is no consideration given to scale.

If you do choose a more complex pattern, however, then you have to first ensure that the design can be seen from across the room.  Since the panels will be hanging on the wall, you don’t want visitors having to squint in order to see the details.  To avoid such a situation, choose stretch fabric that has a larger design.  You can generally find such fabrics either at craft shops or art supply stores or choose from a far wider selection available online.

You’ll want to cut the stretch fabric so that it is larger than your frame.  It is recommended that you leave one and a half to two inches of extra fabric on all sides so that it wraps around to the backside.  Otherwise, you will have to either staple the fabric on the front or sides of the frame, which will leave unsightly staples in view of anyone who is close by.  Once you have the fabric positioned on your panel, you’ll want to pull it tightly, making sure that no slack is left on the front side.  Finally, using the staple gun, add a couple of staples to each corner on the backside and then add more staples around the frame, making sure to pull the fabric tightly as you go along.  After you’ve finished, you can trim any excess fabric away using a pair of cloth scissors.

Large Wall Panel Art using Stretch Fabric

Large Wall Panel Art using Stretch Fabric

Using stretch fabric to create wall panel art is an excellent temporary or long term design solution for a wall space.  While such designs aren’t very durable, they can easily last a few years without any problems whatsoever.  If you live in a household where someone smokes, however, you may have to change panels more often, perhaps every couple of years or so.  White fabrics will yellow over time and dust accumulation can also be a problem.  Then again, where else can someone purchase a stunning work of art for less than a few dollars?   Not only does stretch fabric panel art look great, but it perhaps the most cost effective design solution available.

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