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Celebrity fabric critique

Celebrities are always on the fashion scene in the latest and most exclusive fashions out there.  Fans and admirers love to emulate what they see in the magazines and movies on their favorite celebs, and now celebs are trending stretch vinyl.

Fergie vinyl leggingsFergie has been seen about town in a pair of black stretch vinyl leggings which are expected to continue their trend into the Fall.  Fergie is one of the style icons of the 21st Century wearing the latest styles as well as the most out there styles, though, compared to Lady Gaga she is an angel.

victoria beckham stretch leather leggingsAnother celebrity embracing the trend is Victoria Beckham who has been seen time and time again in outfits that are made of vinyl or faux leather.  No one has the urge to drop their entire paycheck on a pair of real leather leggings when they can get the same look for cheaper.

Other celebrities all across the genres have worn pvc leggings at some moment or another.  Nikki Minaj, Rhiana, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and many more have been seen around Hollywood.

Other interesting outfits that come out of this growing want for shiny materials are dresses and corsets like that of Jessica Alba and Nicole Scherzinger.  Scherzinger has been on the red carpet in an all strapless grey dress that is to die for.  If you believe you can pull it off then go right on ahead and do so.  Many people do not have that kind of confidence, but when you have a body like hers it is hard not to.

jessica alba vinyl corsetJessica Alba has also been seen in print wearing an all vinyl corset.  She is unbelievably gorgeous, and the red trimmed black corset is to die for.  You could pair this look with a pair of black leggings or a short sexy stretch skirt.

All of these styles that we generally see as off limits to us non-celebrities are in fact attainable, and they can either be bought or recreated by you in order to get that perfect look.

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