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Make your own ice skating leotard

Ice Skating Pink Leotard

Ice Skating Pink Leotard

Buying a fabulous ice skating costume can be extremely costly and it is often difficult to find the perfect style for your competition and personal taste.  By making your own ice skating costume from stretch fabric, you can save money and customize your costume to fit you and your routine.

The leotard forms the base of every ice skating costume and can be a standout on its own.  If you are making a monochromatic look, add a fluttered skirt over the top of the leotard, ensuring that you face the right sides of the fabric together and the point of the skirt upwards when sewing, and sleeves.  From there, you can add cutouts in the back or customize it, making it anything but plain.

For a more advanced style, try placing lace over a nude lycra leotard or cover a lycra design with fringe for a flapper-inspired costume.  For the flapper costume, use an opaque stretchy fabric for the majority of the leotard, but use a sheer fabric from the chest up for the armholes and attach a skirt over the top of the leotard.  Then add the fringe in layers, ensuring that it extends below the hemline for the bottom layer, working your way to the top.  The flapper costume shows incredible movement on the ice, making it a favorite with the judges and the fans alike.

ce Skating Lycra LeotardThere are endless styles of ice skating costumes; as long as you can make a basic leotard, you can go anywhere with your design, depending on what you do to embellish it, whether you use nude colors, add lace, add fringe, add rhinestones, or use cutouts.  By making your own stretch fabric ice skating costume, you can guarantee that no one else at your competition will outshine you with their costume and that you have the most unique music, costume, and routine for a performance that blends together perfectly.

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How to make a mermaid tail

Childrens mermaid tail.

Children's mermaid tail.

Whether your daughter wants to dress as Ariel for Halloween, you are planning a photo shoot at the beach, or you have dreams of looking like Darryl Hannah in Splash, you’ll often find it difficult to find a mermaid tail costume that is just right in the store. Luckily, it is very simple to make a mermaid tail out of a stretch fabric like lycra.


After you have selected the color that you want for your fabric, you can use a maxi skirt to help you create a pattern that will fit your height. Leaving enough room at the top to create a waistband and enough room at the bottom for a decorative, fish-like finish, cut it to fit your hips by turning a skirt that fits you well inside out and cutting along the edge.

Once you have cut past the muscular part of your quads, begin tapering it in to be fitted around the bottom of your quads and curving back out in the calves, leaving yourself enough room through the tightest part to walk comfortably. It is a good idea to leave more room than you think that you will need, as it is far easier to make it smaller than it is to make it larger.

DIY Gold mermaid tailFrom there, sew your two pieces together and add an elastic waistband at the top. Try it on for size and, if you have too much room, taper it in to fit the way that you want; try safety pinning your new seam so that you get an idea of how it will fit once completed or sew large, easy to remove stitches.

Once you have found your perfect fit, sew your new seam; it is a good idea to reinforce seams on stretch fabrics by simply sewing over the seam a second time. To finish the bottom, cut a wavy scalloped pattern or tail shape, leaving it open so that you can still walk. Once you are finished, pair it with your favorite bikini top, loose, wavy curls, and enjoy your new stretch fabric mermaid tail!

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DIY Liquid Leggings from Stretch Vinyl

Liquid leggings, which essentially look like uber-tight, shiny faux leather pants, are all the rage with Hollywood stars, but finding the look for yourself to fit your body and personal taste off the rack can be difficult. These edgy leggings can be made of any glossy synthetic fabric; however, it is easiest to use stretch vinyl, which is more forgiving to both body shapes and sewing abilities than other fabrics of this type.

To make your own pattern, use your favorite pair of legging and turn them inside out. Keep in mind that while stretch vinyl does stretch, it does not stretch as much as most leggings do, so you should be careful to leave extra room on each side, erring on the side of larger than necessary. Leave enough fabric at the top to insert an elastic waistline of whatever size is the most comfortable to you and enough fabric at the bottom to hem them; if you are not experienced with making your own patterns, leave more than you think you will need.

Start by using a loose stitch to sew together the primary four seams so that you can try them on for size. Sew a loose stitch along your new seams to bring them in tighter for the celebrity super-tight look. When you have found your perfect fit, go over your final seam with a tighter stitch and consider reinforcing your seam, especially through the crotch, as stretch fabrics, whether bought in the store or made at home, can be prone to creating gaps if the seams are not tight enough.

From there, put your elastic waistband in and hem the leggings to fit you. Once you have finished, wear a loose top or conservative blazer to contrast the tightness and suggestiveness of your pants and wedges or platform pumps to complement them and enjoy showing off your new liquid leggings.

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