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Types of Skirts to make with Stretch Fabric

One of the easiest pieces of clothing to create is the stretch skirt, but it still helps to gather introductory information before starting this project. Skirts of different lengths are made from versatile elastic materials.

You might want to start out creating pieces of a simpler design and then work up to the more complex versions. This may be a hobby for you at first, and eventually it could become a profession. When you are not sure of your pattern-making skills, stretch fabrics can help you to gain the practice and confidence that you need to move on to other types of fabric.

Some of the Most Popular Types of Skirts from Stretch Fabric:

  • Bias Cut Skirt – This is a skirt of which the seams are cut on an angle against the natural fabric grain instead of straight across the grain. These garments are often long, flowing, made into an A-line shape, and come in formal and informal variants. However, other styles such as pencil-shaped variants of this very important clothing ensemble piece can be created.
Maternity Skirt

Maternity Skirt with Stretch Fabric

  • Maternity Skirt – This covers a wide variety of skirts made with stretch fabric. Sometimes extra elastic is used in the abdominal area but oftentimes the entire material is made into a more seamless style. Denim and cotton as well as Spandex and other expandable materials are used to make a wide array of this type of garment. Today, short, medium, and long cuts are designed for the expectant mother.
  • Trouser Skirt – The black, charcoal, or navy washable ones made and sold by Eddie Bauer are a perfect example of the type of skirt that can be made using stretchable fabric. This business-like pencil design is a recommended professional or casual pick that is appropriate for multiple locations.  Knee and angle length varieties also can be made with stretch material, as well as the below-the-knee variety that has buttons all the way down the front and on the pockets.


  • Mini Skirt – Denim and cotton are the two main fabrics that are often combined with other elastic materials such as Spandex or Lycra used to create mini-skirts. The A-line and pencil versions are among the most popular. Sometimes shorter ones with ruffles are worn today and these can also be constructed with stretch fabric.


  • Pencil Skirt from Stretch Fabric

    Pencil Skirt from Stretch Fabric

    Pencil- This style is one that usually is shaped to fit symmetrically all around and straight down from the waist. Pencil-shaped skirts are often cut for wearing just above or below the knee.  Certain types are appropriate for the office while others might be more suitable for a night out. 

There are many different styles to choose from, giving you endless projects.  Using stretch fabrics can be a great tool for people who want to try to make their own patterns but have never tried before, as they are more forgiving to your pattern-cutting mistakes than rigid fabrics, which often wind up not fitting together properly or not being large enough for your body until you are more accustomed to making your own patterns.  Stretch fabrics will often stretch to fit the other pattern pieces or your body.  Have fun exploring and trying different styles of stretch skirts!

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