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Stretch Latex Fabric Fashion

The classic pin-up girl look is still an elegant and beautiful style for women to wear. Along with the hair is the fashion; dresses, bathing suits, mini-skirts, etc. Thanks to certain materials, the pin-up girl can be restructured and formed to fit in with the current time. Cotton is now replaced with stretch latex, which actually makes for a pretty picture. 

The picture I’m focusing on is of a young woman who bears the makeup and hairdo of a pin-up chick. Her dress, or what seems to be a dress, is made from latex. Its color and pattern incorporate a 50s nautical theme. The finish is glossy, and makes the latex appear transparent.

latex nurse outfitStretch latex produces some of the neatest leggings seen, and there is so much do with it. Neon colored latex take leggings back to the 80s, and black brings out a mysterious side. The in between, like metallic, glittered, glossed, and printed, add something individual, maybe personal. They’re easy to move and groove in, as celebrity pop stars have shown.

Women like Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Lady Gaga have performed and made statements in a more obscure way. What’s interesting is not only what their costumes and clothes look like, but what they are made out of. Latex has furthered its purpose here. Now, fashion runways are being cat walked down by models wearing abstract tutu-like outfits, complete with stretch latex. Some of the leggings are so tight, it like they were painted on. But it shows how resourceful and imaginative some fashion can be, like a form of art.

metallic purple latex leggings


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