Katy Perry’s Stretch Latex Outfits

When Katy Perry’s first single started hitting radios, it did not seem like she would cannonball, practically overnight, into a pop sensation. Through the last couple of successful years, she has formed an identity on the stage, and she has a strong reputation of putting on a fun and entertaining performance. Much of this has to do with her costumes/outfits. katy perry latex

Many of Perry’s recent photos of her concerts show her in pastel, candy-coated dresses, made possible by stretch latex. The fabric holds so well with the “Willy Wonka” theme Perry is known for. A tight fabric, it is worn to show off Perry’s body, while promoting innocent images of chocolate-chip cookies, cupcakes, polka dots, bubble gum, and peppermint candies. Each dress looks like it came out of the gingerbread house in “Hansel and Gretel.”

Stretch latex looks like vinyl, but each word basically compensates of the other. Some of Perry’s outfits have a matte exterior, but the dismal coat agrees with muted colors like baby pink, lavender, and turquoise. Outfits like the ones where she is dressed as a peppermint stick or the American flag utilize the shinier, glossier finishes. It’s also used in Katy’s sexier outfits, accentuating her figure.

katy paerry simpsons latexThere is no doubt that Katy Perry brings all types of flavors on and off stage. Her lyrics are risqué, her voice is distinct, and now her multilayered appearances are a trademark. Outfitted with “The Simpson’s” family or “The Smurfs” on her latex and/or vinyl guises, Perry stands out among some other celebrated pop divas.

For people interested in copying Perry’s famous style, maybe for Halloween or a costume party in February, the materials used are inexpensive and easy to find in supply. Most of the dresses are of similar design, which looks simple enough to replicate. Katy Perry has definitely brought a cartoon atmosphere to the mainstream music scene. From a patriotic gal to a weird space character, Katy Perry knows how to mix fun, sexy, and youth to create something original for people to observe and enjoy.



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