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Stretch Fabric for Wall Art

Wall panel art is a relatively cheap way to decorate a wall space.  Choosing the appropriate stretch fabric for the panels, however, may be more tricky than one thinks.  There are endless patterns available for purchase, but many are not suitable for wall art.  Those of us who don’t have a great eye for design often have trouble choosing which fabric to use.  Fortunately, by remembering a few simple tips, one can make their design experience as painless as possible and you might just have a little fun in the process.

Panel Wall Art using Stretch Fabric

Panel Wall Art using Stretch Fabric

The first step, which is perhaps the most important and enjoyable one, is deciding what kind of stretch fabric you ultimately wish to purchase.  One of the more basic designs is a series of pastel colored panels that are either lined evenly across or placed on top of each other on a wall.  The advantage of such a design is that it blends well with practically every other design imaginable.  So you don’t have to worry as much about color clashes or contrasts.  Furthermore, it is the simplest one to use as there is no consideration given to scale.

If you do choose a more complex pattern, however, then you have to first ensure that the design can be seen from across the room.  Since the panels will be hanging on the wall, you don’t want visitors having to squint in order to see the details.  To avoid such a situation, choose stretch fabric that has a larger design.  You can generally find such fabrics either at craft shops or art supply stores or choose from a far wider selection available online.

You’ll want to cut the stretch fabric so that it is larger than your frame.  It is recommended that you leave one and a half to two inches of extra fabric on all sides so that it wraps around to the backside.  Otherwise, you will have to either staple the fabric on the front or sides of the frame, which will leave unsightly staples in view of anyone who is close by.  Once you have the fabric positioned on your panel, you’ll want to pull it tightly, making sure that no slack is left on the front side.  Finally, using the staple gun, add a couple of staples to each corner on the backside and then add more staples around the frame, making sure to pull the fabric tightly as you go along.  After you’ve finished, you can trim any excess fabric away using a pair of cloth scissors.

Large Wall Panel Art using Stretch Fabric

Large Wall Panel Art using Stretch Fabric

Using stretch fabric to create wall panel art is an excellent temporary or long term design solution for a wall space.  While such designs aren’t very durable, they can easily last a few years without any problems whatsoever.  If you live in a household where someone smokes, however, you may have to change panels more often, perhaps every couple of years or so.  White fabrics will yellow over time and dust accumulation can also be a problem.  Then again, where else can someone purchase a stunning work of art for less than a few dollars?   Not only does stretch fabric panel art look great, but it perhaps the most cost effective design solution available.

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Fashion ideas for latex sheeting

latex design.Latex sheeting is sheets of latex fabric sold by the linear yard on fabric websites and in fabric stores.  Latex sheeting is the perfect item for the do-it-yourself crowd who want the latex look without the latex price.  Many latex fashions are expensive, because it takes time and skill to be able to properly piece together a latex outfit, especially one that is form fitting.  Latex sheeting offers a variety of choices when it comes to designing from home to wardrobe.

One of the best ways to learn how to use latex sheeting is to grab up the book Making Latex Clothes by Sian-Kate Mooney.  This latex how-to shows how to create some of the quintessential latex fashions from latex dresses to latex leggings.  All these designs incorporate latex sheeting in order to create the looks that are in the book.  Latex sheeting is just like any other fabric where it can be cut, measured, and sewn together to make many different types of latex clothing.

One item that would be great to make that is highly fashionable this year is a pair of latex leggings.  Since latex sheeting generally comes in black or red, there will be many uses for these homemade leggings.  You can take pride in knowing that you have completed making your own latex clothing that is extremely fashionable.  All you need it the proper yardage for your size, some sewing materials, and not to mention a sewing machine.

Latex box pleats example

Latex box pleats example

Latex sheeting, unlike other fabrics does not tear or rip, that is not saying that you do not need to be careful as holes are noticeable.  Another great clothing item that is easy to make is a latex skirt.  Choosing any latex color that is available you can transform your closet full of skirts into a closet full of sexy, fun, and confident latex skirts.  Just like with leather, black latex sheeting is great for creating that biker chic style, and the perfect way is to create a cute skirt whether it be a mini for the daring, a pencil for the business woman, or a long elegant skirt for the model in you.

latex sheet for bedding

latex sheet for bedding

Latex bedding is another great use for latex sheeting.  Yards of latex sheeting are the basic elements of latex bedding.  You can take latex sheeting and cut out the yardage needed to fit the size of your bed, and then cut out some lengths of matching latex sheeting strips in order to create trims.

For the fitted sheet, all you need is some latex sheeting and some elastic to sew at the bunch ends and along the sides to a great stretch to fit across your bed.  Latex sheeting is a great accent to a room for pleasure or simply to those who enjoy the feel of latex, not to mention it will keep you warm during the winter time.

Other great latex sheeting homemade options are: personalized handmade latex undergarments, latex gloves, latex garter belts, latex faux flowers, and much more (specific instructions can be found online).  All of these listed latex design options do not require a great amount of latex, thus can be made without causing too much waist.  Latex garter belts only require a few strips of latex sheeting that are big enough to fit around your leg, while latex gloves only require a small square of latex sheeting to complete the main pattern for the latex gloves.

More interesting are the latex faux flowers which can be a great personal touch to party décor, condolences, and even as thank you gifts.  These personalized faux flowers are a low maintenance way to brighten up any room, and they are very easy to make, but will take some patience and some time.  This is a great way to relax or make a fun project for kids where their imaginations can stretch far and allow them to create beautiful pieces of any size, shape, or color.

Latex sheeting is extremely versatile in its ability to be made into just about everything from clothing to household items.  Latex sheeting is one way to go to hand make something that you do not have to fear will tear easily, and is a great material for learners.  The next time you’re in the market for some fabric, pick up some latex sheeting and see what you can create. Just remember, any of these ideas have easy to follow instructions available online or in latex how-to books.

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Stretch Vinyl

Stretch vinyl is a very versatile fabric that can be used for a lot of different clothing, household, and personal needs items.  Stretch vinyl is being seen more and more in clothing lately due to a big demand in more fetish futuristic looks.  Many looks have been inspired by various musical artists including Lady Gaga and Christian Aguilera.  Other inspirations are that of the fashion runways this season where leather seems to hit big, however, due to many individuals’ financial situations vinyl is making the top of the list when searching for leather alternatives.

There are many items of clothing that can be made out of stretch vinyl.  Outfits range from men to women, dresses, tops, pants, shoes, and more.  Due to the stretch nature of this particular type of vinyl it makes it easier for consumers to put on, and it allows for a more versatility.  A favorite outfit category for stretch vinyl designers is club wear.  Club wear involves a lot of skin tight fabrics that are revealing, easily washed, and durable.

In clubs drinks can be spilled and people can bump into you, therefore, having a fabric like stretch vinyl and vinyl in general insures that you won’t destroy your favorite outfit just because someone was careless.  Another point about club wear is that individuals who go to a club are not there to blend in with the crowd, they want to be noticed.  They want all eyes on their direction, and since the majority of club attendees are single, when you are wearing something that is as statement making as a bright dramatic blue stretch vinyl dress, you are sure to get a lot of attention.

Club dress made from stretch vinyl.Club wear items made out of stretch vinyl consist of brightly colored mini dresses, skin tight corsets, hot pants, mini skirts, and short jumpers.  These items are made for making a statement.

When people go out about their regular day, they are not going to be wearing something as dramatic as club wear, therefore, there has to be other items of clothing comprised of stretch vinyl that designers have created just for everyday life.  Many items such as raincoats, pants, jackets, and shoes have been created to meet these needs.  Shoes may surprise many individuals as being made out of vinyl, however, for items such as thigh high boots, the fabric used has the stretch like stretch vinyl, and otherwise it would take an extremely long time to get them on.

Men can even enjoy the ease of wearing stretch vinyl through shirts, pants, jackets, and accessories.  Men who are more outgoing and unafraid of what people might think are generally more willing to step out in public in a completely stretch vinyl top.  However, just like women have club wear, men do as well.  Men want to stand out in the crowd to.  Stretch vinyl is very popular amongst the fetish and gay communities, because they are such statement making pieces.  A gay man can come out in a stretch vinyl outfit and immediately get recognition and attention.  When you want to bring attention to a cause, sometimes simply dressing wild does the trick.  Stretch vinyl has also been regularly seen in the costumes of the gay pride parades around the world.

stretch vinyl nurse outfitCostumes both for Halloween and for personal uses are very big uses of stretch vinyl, because stretch vinyl is relatively inexpensive.  Also, its durability allows a costume purchaser to be secure in the fact that the costume just purchased can live many lives, in many venues, and in many ways.   Female costumes are a big source of stretch vinyl usage, because women love fabrics that hug their curves.  With stretch vinyl, women are able to easily maneuver into the garment without feeling as though they are being sucked into a specific body form like other stiff vinyl products do.

Stretch vinyl is also regularly used in the creation of swimsuits for both men and women; the same is for underwear and lingerie.  Women’s fetish lingerie has a lot of stretch vinyl elements that contribute to its strong and sexy look.  Men also enjoy the use of stretch vinyl in a lot of thongs and shorts produce by fetish and lingerie shops.

Stretch vinyl is very versatile, and can be used in many different ways.  It has the ability to fit and mold perfectly to the wearer’s body, and it is not as hard and tough as older vinyl treatments.  This creation has branched a new line of clothing that ranges from club and everyday wear to underwear and lingerie.  Those are some pretty tremendous gaps bridged by a single fabric.

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Stretch Fabric Halloween Costumes

When October rolls around, it’s usually the time for everyone to make a mad dash to the costume shop to buy whatever leftovers they can find for Halloween. This year, why not skip the hassle and just make your own costume? There are a ton of different ideas out there, and many of them can be constructed using everyone’s favorite – stretch fabric. If you plan to use that this next trick or treat season, consider some of the costume ideas listed below for inspiration.

Cat Woman
Cat Woman is the emblem of super hero sex appeal, and her look can be easily made from stretch fabric. There are a lot of different interpretations out there to Cat Woman’s look, so you have the option to get a bit creative.

All you need is some good, shiny stretch fabric (usually vinyl) and a set of cat ears to get started. Most often you will find this costume in black, but there are versions in blue and purple. Look up some pictures of cat woman herself and start sewing.

Sexy Nurse
A hot nurse outfit is a must have for at least one Halloween in your lifetime. You can make your nurse costume as tight as you want it to be, and you can be paired with a cute doctor if you’re going to a couple’s party. The key to that ho nurse look is to make your costume a little bit on the short side and slightly revealing up top. Pair this look with some sexy heels and you’ll have all the people swooning at your work costume party. Stretch PVC and vinyl work well here, but just about any stretch fabric will due. The key component is you, after all.

Rock Star
This look works for men and women alike. Most rock stars love stretch fabric, especially when it comes to the pant they wear. If you are looking for something fun and funky, that rock star look could be the perfect fit. Black is a must in terms of color selection, but you can have a wild print to pair with it. The pants have to be skin tight, but that’s where the stretch comes into play. Studded belts and headbands can complete your look, depending on what era of rock you are aiming to emulate.

Stretch fabric for halloween costumes

Stretch fabric for costumes available at

Genies are usually the subject of kids’ costume parties, but that doesn’t mean that adult genies aren’t fun too. Think of “I Dream of Genie” if you need a reference for that. For your genie look, you can use stretch fabric that hangs loosely on the body. The pants should be a bit on the poofy side, but the top can be short and tight. Feel free to go wild with colors since most genies are decked in bright blues, greens, pinks and metallics. Get some gold jewelry to complete the look and you’ll grant the wishes of all the people that pass by you this Halloween.

Witches are pretty popular around this time of year, but that doesn’t mean that the costume is any less fun to make. Get some black stretch fabric and some green body paint and just go to town. You can make your witch costume look like something sultry from the Renaissance era, or you could just make it a cloak to shroud your body. Either way, stretch fabric can easily come into play. You can even make your witch hat out of stretch fabric and wire if you want. That way you have the same material featured throughout our costume.

Pirates can be hot or they can be ugly. It just depends on which kind you want to be. In either case though, a flouncy shirt made from off white stretch fabric can be paired with an eye patch for an easy costume. Get some fake gold teeth and a parrot from a toy store and you will almost have your whole costume put together. Then all you need is some boots, some stretchy black pants and a sword to finish off the look. Gold is the choice metal when it comes to pirate jewelry, so dress up n some rings and earrings to truly put the final touches on this look.

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Cosplay Costumes

Glossy stretch fabric

MJTrends: Shiny Stretch fabric

Cosplay costumes have been a big hit in Asian culture for years, but just recently they made their way to the western market and came with a big storm. This is mainly due to the sweeping popularity of anime that is now present in the states.

Americans seem to be swept away by the stories, drama, and lives of these animated characters, so it is only logical that people would want to develop costumes based on them. If you are part of the cosplay world, you should know that there are a lot of costumes out there that can be constructed from stretch fabric. This figure flattering and affordable alternative is easy to work with and quite versatile in this realm. Below are a few different cosplay ideas to inspire you.

Sailor Moon
Sailor moon became a popular series here in the U.S. several years ago. This cute but spunky character has an equally cute and spunky outfit that would work great in your next cosplay party. Stretch vinyl would be perfect for this look based on the overall silhouette the character portrays. You would need to construct a white and blue sailor suit with red bows to pull off the Sailor Moon attire, but you can find templates for this costume readily available online.

Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII
A Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII jacket can be made entirely out of PVC or stretch vinyl, and really all it consists of is a trench coat with a chain to accompany it. This hooded jacket has a zipper that goes from top to bottom, and it has deep pockets on the side.

If you’re a fan of the video game, you’ll love being able to make your own cosplay Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII jacket to cal your own. Surprisingly enough, this look is even a bit on the fashionable side, so you wouldn’t be crazy for making this part of your daily wardrobe as well. Of course, you would know the secret behind its origins.

The cute vests of Hatsune Miku can make great stretch fabric cosplay outfits. You can use polyester, stretch vinyl, PVC, or basically anything else you might desire. You just need the right colors and accessories.

The top itself needs to be silver, and then the sleeves and skirt need to be black with either green or red trim. Give yourself a matching tie and a set of knee-highs and you almost have a complete look.
All that is left is the pigtails and boot, both of which can easily be done.

Hatsune Miku’s nurse outfit can also make for a great cosplay look. Decked in all pink, you should be the talk of the anime party. You need a set of good, white buttons and some red trim to really tie things together, but for the base, you just need two shades of stretch pink fabric. Of course, keep the pigtails in mind for this look as well, and don’t forget the matching pink nurse’s hat. Finish everything off with those pink knee-highs and you’re all set.

Star Trek
To keep things a bit more American, you could always dress up like your favorite character from Star Trek. Captain Kirk’s yellow shirt could easily be made of stretch vinyl or even velvet if that was the look you wanted to achieve. You have to make sure to add the badge, of course, along with the black neckline and gold trim down at the bottom.

For the ladies, you can make a TNG Skant uniform from black blue fabrics. This will be a bit more difficult to construct when compared to the easy, long sleeve shirt for the men, but that’s to be expected with any female attire. Just make sure you know a bit of Kling-On before you go into any conventions.

Don’t Forget…
When you’re constructing a cosplay look, don’t forget about the wigs. Usually that’s what sends a regular person in a costume into someone actually portraying a character. With the Vocaloid costumes, for instance, it may be hard for you to make that headset and get that long blue hair without a wig. Just remember those finishing touches that put everything together.

Shiny vinyl stretch fabric

Stretch vinyl fabric available for purchase at

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Fashions You Can Make with Stretch Vinyl

Stretch vinyl is an extremely versatile fabric that a lot of people take for granted. Whether you need to dress up for an occasion or you just want something comfy to hang out in, stretch vinyl can be a great fabric to work with. But perhaps you need a few ideas to get your mind rolling in the vinyl direction. Below are some different fashion looks that stretch vinyl can be incorporated in. Use them as a basis to elaborate on for your next fashion project.

Stretch fabric for fashion

Stretch vinyl available for sale at

Halter Tops
Halter tops are usually associated with nights out at the club or at a fun party. During those occasions, it is only expected that you look a bit on the sexy side. Stretch vinyl can be your venue for that sex appeal. This fabric works great for halter tops because it hugs the body and lifts the breasts to provide that perfect cleavage to turn a few heads.

Halter tops are also difficult to work with sometimes because they don’t go on like traditional shirts. The stretch of the vinyl allows you to easily slip the shirt over your head and head out with the girls.

Sexy Skirts
Skirts always look great in stretch fabric because they help emphasize the natural hourglass shape of a woman’s body. To work with stretch vinyl on a skirt, you might want to make sure that the pattern you use for the skirt is a bit longer than what you actually want the skirt to be.

Vinyl has a tendency to ride up over time, making them shorter than you might actually intend for them to be. If you don’t want to have to continuously pull your skirt down, you might just want to make the skirt a bit on the long side. Don’t make it too long of course; then it would lose its sex appeal. Just add an inch or two of leeway to the bottom.

Bands on Shirts
There is a reason why belts worn under the breasts came back in style recently – because women look good with bands above their waist. This again plays into the hourglass figure that every woman strives to portray with her outfits.

You can make a hot top out of whatever fabric you want, but then insert a belt of stretch vinyl right in the middle to create that empire waist sort of vibe. Just make sure that the vinyl that you use complements the colors and patterns featured throughout the rest of the top. This band should serve multiple purposes.

“Hot Pants”
Alright, you don’t have to actually make yourself some 80s hot pants, but the general idea of stretch pants is there. Stretch vinyl can look great in a pair of pants if the pants are shaped the right way. Sometimes a flouncy look works well, and other times, tight is right. It’s a matter of what works well on your body. Stretch vinyl is always comfortable, but it isn’t always in style.

Try to keep everything in neutral colors to avoid that hot pants vibe. Bright blues and reds are not exactly suitable for today’s fashion world. Keep that in mind when selecting the stretch vinyl you want to use to construct your pants.

Stretch fabric

Stretch fabrics available at

Strapless Tops
The stretch quality of stretch vinyl makes it perfect for strapless tops. This elasticity allows the shirt to stay up with little supports other than the cut of the shirt itself. Plus, this stretch quality allows for a sexier appeal than most other fabrics, again, as long as the cut is right. The thing you have to worry about with strapless tops is how to work in the built in bra.

If you have a light fabric, you may have to double up on it so you don’t show your bra, pants, or otherwise. Some stretch vinyl is very thin, so a double layer won’t hurt you regardless. You may need an elastic band on the top to keep the girls covered, but that can easily be sewn in along the way. The pattern that you use to construct the shirt should indicate what notions will be necessary. Worse comes to worse, add a few spaghetti straps and forget about it.

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