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If you’re a fan of stretch fabric, there’s no reason for you to run out of projects to use it in. Stretch can be quite versatile, especially when it comes to the fashion world. All you need is a little sewing know how and some inspiration to get you started. Hopefully, some of the ideas below can be just the inspiration you need.

If you find a really cute pattern for a shirt you want to wear, adding stretch fabric to the mix could be just what you need to wow the people you pass by. Halter tops flatter almost every figure, and they work real well when you want to make them a bit sexier than normal.

Cotton doesn’t scream night on the town. Stretch fabric does. You could also make a hot tube top out of it, or even a plain Jane short sleeved shirt. Really it’s a matter of what you feel best suits your body. Pick out the pattern and corresponding color of fabric and then just go for it!

Stretch pants have been in style for awhile now, and for good reason. If you get the right cut, you’ll find that stretch material allows your pants to hug your body in just the right places, emphasizing the good curves and providing distractions from the bad ones.

You can make long stretch pants, Capri’s, shorts, and whatever else you might want. The fabric is incredibly versatile. Stretch material is super comfy if you’re looking to make some cute pajama pants, but it can also be sexy enough to wear on a night out with the girls. If you happen to make the pants too small, you can rest assured that the material will stretch itself out. There are endless possibilities in store for you.

Nothing makes your back end look better than a hot skirt made of stretch fabric. That’s something you can wear to the office or to the club, depending on the pattern of the fabric and the accessories you wear with the skirt. You can dress it down or dress it up, giving you tons of options with just one skirt.

If you want something you can wear anywhere, pick a basic color for the fabric like black, brown or dark blue. If you want something slightly funky, go for a bold color like red or pink. Avoid looking tacky, of course, but don’t be afraid to make a statement.

With skirts, stretch fabric works best on the shorter side of things, perhaps from the knees up. You don’t want to make the skirt too short though because the fabric may rice up a bit while you walk. The last thing you want is your simple, hot skirt to turn into a peek show for the people behind you. Feel free to show a little leg, but be sure to allot for that riding up effect that you will find with just about any stretch fabric on the market today.

You can tie a simple piece of stretch fabric around your waste and make a really cute belt out of it. Add some sequence down at the bottom for a bit of sparkle, or mix a few different stretch fabrics to pop some color into your outfit.

You can make the belt just act as an accent for some other piece of the look, or you could make I the show stopper that ties everything together (slight pun intended). Feel free to pull belt ideas from bold tops you have, or just make something all your own. Let your designer side truly shine.

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Jackets are hard to make at times, but the simple ones look great in stretch fabric. Just that little bit of stretch can help the jacket hug your body a bit and create that hour glass figure that every woman loves to have. If you’re going to make a jacket, try to pick a fabric that won’t necessarily be considered a trend. Make that piece a staple in your wardrobe that you turn to year after year. Then pair it with trendy tops or accessories that can be easily switched out with the times.

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