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Make your own ice skating leotard

Ice Skating Pink Leotard

Ice Skating Pink Leotard

Buying a fabulous ice skating costume can be extremely costly and it is often difficult to find the perfect style for your competition and personal taste.  By making your own ice skating costume from stretch fabric, you can save money and customize your costume to fit you and your routine.

The leotard forms the base of every ice skating costume and can be a standout on its own.  If you are making a monochromatic look, add a fluttered skirt over the top of the leotard, ensuring that you face the right sides of the fabric together and the point of the skirt upwards when sewing, and sleeves.  From there, you can add cutouts in the back or customize it, making it anything but plain.

For a more advanced style, try placing lace over a nude lycra leotard or cover a lycra design with fringe for a flapper-inspired costume.  For the flapper costume, use an opaque stretchy fabric for the majority of the leotard, but use a sheer fabric from the chest up for the armholes and attach a skirt over the top of the leotard.  Then add the fringe in layers, ensuring that it extends below the hemline for the bottom layer, working your way to the top.  The flapper costume shows incredible movement on the ice, making it a favorite with the judges and the fans alike.

ce Skating Lycra LeotardThere are endless styles of ice skating costumes; as long as you can make a basic leotard, you can go anywhere with your design, depending on what you do to embellish it, whether you use nude colors, add lace, add fringe, add rhinestones, or use cutouts.  By making your own stretch fabric ice skating costume, you can guarantee that no one else at your competition will outshine you with their costume and that you have the most unique music, costume, and routine for a performance that blends together perfectly.

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DIY Liquid Leggings from Stretch Vinyl

Liquid leggings, which essentially look like uber-tight, shiny faux leather pants, are all the rage with Hollywood stars, but finding the look for yourself to fit your body and personal taste off the rack can be difficult. These edgy leggings can be made of any glossy synthetic fabric; however, it is easiest to use stretch vinyl, which is more forgiving to both body shapes and sewing abilities than other fabrics of this type.

To make your own pattern, use your favorite pair of legging and turn them inside out. Keep in mind that while stretch vinyl does stretch, it does not stretch as much as most leggings do, so you should be careful to leave extra room on each side, erring on the side of larger than necessary. Leave enough fabric at the top to insert an elastic waistline of whatever size is the most comfortable to you and enough fabric at the bottom to hem them; if you are not experienced with making your own patterns, leave more than you think you will need.

Start by using a loose stitch to sew together the primary four seams so that you can try them on for size. Sew a loose stitch along your new seams to bring them in tighter for the celebrity super-tight look. When you have found your perfect fit, go over your final seam with a tighter stitch and consider reinforcing your seam, especially through the crotch, as stretch fabrics, whether bought in the store or made at home, can be prone to creating gaps if the seams are not tight enough.

From there, put your elastic waistband in and hem the leggings to fit you. Once you have finished, wear a loose top or conservative blazer to contrast the tightness and suggestiveness of your pants and wedges or platform pumps to complement them and enjoy showing off your new liquid leggings.

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Celebrity fabric critique

Celebrities are always on the fashion scene in the latest and most exclusive fashions out there.  Fans and admirers love to emulate what they see in the magazines and movies on their favorite celebs, and now celebs are trending stretch vinyl.

Fergie vinyl leggingsFergie has been seen about town in a pair of black stretch vinyl leggings which are expected to continue their trend into the Fall.  Fergie is one of the style icons of the 21st Century wearing the latest styles as well as the most out there styles, though, compared to Lady Gaga she is an angel.

victoria beckham stretch leather leggingsAnother celebrity embracing the trend is Victoria Beckham who has been seen time and time again in outfits that are made of vinyl or faux leather.  No one has the urge to drop their entire paycheck on a pair of real leather leggings when they can get the same look for cheaper.

Other celebrities all across the genres have worn pvc leggings at some moment or another.  Nikki Minaj, Rhiana, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and many more have been seen around Hollywood.

Other interesting outfits that come out of this growing want for shiny materials are dresses and corsets like that of Jessica Alba and Nicole Scherzinger.  Scherzinger has been on the red carpet in an all strapless grey dress that is to die for.  If you believe you can pull it off then go right on ahead and do so.  Many people do not have that kind of confidence, but when you have a body like hers it is hard not to.

jessica alba vinyl corsetJessica Alba has also been seen in print wearing an all vinyl corset.  She is unbelievably gorgeous, and the red trimmed black corset is to die for.  You could pair this look with a pair of black leggings or a short sexy stretch skirt.

All of these styles that we generally see as off limits to us non-celebrities are in fact attainable, and they can either be bought or recreated by you in order to get that perfect look.

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Leggings from stretch vinyl

Stretch vinyl leggings

Stretch vinyl leggings

Leggings are in this season and are expected to continue into the Fall. They are a versatile clothing item that can be paired with nearly anything, and can be made out of nearly any fabric. Because leggings are trending, designers have begun to expand their styles to include fabrics such as jean, lycra, and faux leather leggings.

Using faux leather for leggings suffers from the fact that the material is typically not that stretchy. Stretch vinyl is one of many new fabrics to burst on the fashion scene and it is helping to create some of the most comfortable and versatile leather-look items out there.

Stretch vinyl comes in two-way and four-way, in which the four-way stretch would be best in order to fit not only your legs comfortably, but your butt as well. Leggings do not simply come in black or white, they come in all sorts of different colors and designs.

Some of the most well known looks are simple black vinyl leggings that can be paired with a pair of heels, a nice jacket, and blouse. This style of allows for an individual to use them in both casual and dressy settings.

Patent vinyl leggings

Patent vinyl leggings

These bottoms also come in some of the wildest colors and patterns imaginable. You could have the plain old Zebra printed vinyl leggings, or you could have the pink, green, or yellow version of the Zebra print that is perfect for those individuals looking to standout.

If you are less inclined to spend a lot of money or the typical amount for a pair of trendy leggings then you can always make these creations on your own with a selected patter or design and the appropriate length of fabric.

These are easy enough to make, because all you need to do is to draw out the pattern of a pair of pants on the purchased fabric, cut, and sew. If you seek additional directions videos are easily available online.

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Making a catsuit

This video is part 2 of a multi-video tutorial on how to create your very own tailored catsuit with different types of stretch fabrics.  The presenter of the video is a man with an English accent, but he is very easy to understand.

The reason in choosing this video is because in the very beginning of this more than seven minute tutorial the presenter shows the viewer the two different types of stretch fabrics available to individuals attempting to make their own catsuits or other clothing products.

Further, if you are interested in using vinyl fabric, you should be aware that there is stretch vinyl that stretches two ways, and four-way stretch.  For those individuals looking for something more restrictive, the two-way stretch vinyl fabric is the way to go, and for those needing more movement in their outfits say for performance purposes or comfort the four-way stretch vinyl fabric is the best choice.

The presenter then begins to show you how to take your measurements to draw out a pattern for the tailored catsuit.  You can use these simple instructions to create shirts, skirts, pants, and whatever you like because the concepts are essentially the same.  Another great point is that from watching how this pattern is created and then applied the viewer is able to see how easy it is to create your own patterns.

This video’s simple to follow instructions are a great value to the novice or intermediate sewer looking to take a little chance on some fairly new products.  You could even take the lower part of the catsuit and turn the pattern into a pair of stretch vinyl leggings which are trending at this moment.  Check out this video for a easy to follow catsuit guide, and step out of your comfort zone to learn something new.

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Fashion ideas for latex sheeting

latex design.Latex sheeting is sheets of latex fabric sold by the linear yard on fabric websites and in fabric stores.  Latex sheeting is the perfect item for the do-it-yourself crowd who want the latex look without the latex price.  Many latex fashions are expensive, because it takes time and skill to be able to properly piece together a latex outfit, especially one that is form fitting.  Latex sheeting offers a variety of choices when it comes to designing from home to wardrobe.

One of the best ways to learn how to use latex sheeting is to grab up the book Making Latex Clothes by Sian-Kate Mooney.  This latex how-to shows how to create some of the quintessential latex fashions from latex dresses to latex leggings.  All these designs incorporate latex sheeting in order to create the looks that are in the book.  Latex sheeting is just like any other fabric where it can be cut, measured, and sewn together to make many different types of latex clothing.

One item that would be great to make that is highly fashionable this year is a pair of latex leggings.  Since latex sheeting generally comes in black or red, there will be many uses for these homemade leggings.  You can take pride in knowing that you have completed making your own latex clothing that is extremely fashionable.  All you need it the proper yardage for your size, some sewing materials, and not to mention a sewing machine.

Latex box pleats example

Latex box pleats example

Latex sheeting, unlike other fabrics does not tear or rip, that is not saying that you do not need to be careful as holes are noticeable.  Another great clothing item that is easy to make is a latex skirt.  Choosing any latex color that is available you can transform your closet full of skirts into a closet full of sexy, fun, and confident latex skirts.  Just like with leather, black latex sheeting is great for creating that biker chic style, and the perfect way is to create a cute skirt whether it be a mini for the daring, a pencil for the business woman, or a long elegant skirt for the model in you.

latex sheet for bedding

latex sheet for bedding

Latex bedding is another great use for latex sheeting.  Yards of latex sheeting are the basic elements of latex bedding.  You can take latex sheeting and cut out the yardage needed to fit the size of your bed, and then cut out some lengths of matching latex sheeting strips in order to create trims.

For the fitted sheet, all you need is some latex sheeting and some elastic to sew at the bunch ends and along the sides to a great stretch to fit across your bed.  Latex sheeting is a great accent to a room for pleasure or simply to those who enjoy the feel of latex, not to mention it will keep you warm during the winter time.

Other great latex sheeting homemade options are: personalized handmade latex undergarments, latex gloves, latex garter belts, latex faux flowers, and much more (specific instructions can be found online).  All of these listed latex design options do not require a great amount of latex, thus can be made without causing too much waist.  Latex garter belts only require a few strips of latex sheeting that are big enough to fit around your leg, while latex gloves only require a small square of latex sheeting to complete the main pattern for the latex gloves.

More interesting are the latex faux flowers which can be a great personal touch to party décor, condolences, and even as thank you gifts.  These personalized faux flowers are a low maintenance way to brighten up any room, and they are very easy to make, but will take some patience and some time.  This is a great way to relax or make a fun project for kids where their imaginations can stretch far and allow them to create beautiful pieces of any size, shape, or color.

Latex sheeting is extremely versatile in its ability to be made into just about everything from clothing to household items.  Latex sheeting is one way to go to hand make something that you do not have to fear will tear easily, and is a great material for learners.  The next time you’re in the market for some fabric, pick up some latex sheeting and see what you can create. Just remember, any of these ideas have easy to follow instructions available online or in latex how-to books.

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Stretch Vinyl

Stretch vinyl is a very versatile fabric that can be used for a lot of different clothing, household, and personal needs items.  Stretch vinyl is being seen more and more in clothing lately due to a big demand in more fetish futuristic looks.  Many looks have been inspired by various musical artists including Lady Gaga and Christian Aguilera.  Other inspirations are that of the fashion runways this season where leather seems to hit big, however, due to many individuals’ financial situations vinyl is making the top of the list when searching for leather alternatives.

There are many items of clothing that can be made out of stretch vinyl.  Outfits range from men to women, dresses, tops, pants, shoes, and more.  Due to the stretch nature of this particular type of vinyl it makes it easier for consumers to put on, and it allows for a more versatility.  A favorite outfit category for stretch vinyl designers is club wear.  Club wear involves a lot of skin tight fabrics that are revealing, easily washed, and durable.

In clubs drinks can be spilled and people can bump into you, therefore, having a fabric like stretch vinyl and vinyl in general insures that you won’t destroy your favorite outfit just because someone was careless.  Another point about club wear is that individuals who go to a club are not there to blend in with the crowd, they want to be noticed.  They want all eyes on their direction, and since the majority of club attendees are single, when you are wearing something that is as statement making as a bright dramatic blue stretch vinyl dress, you are sure to get a lot of attention.

Club dress made from stretch vinyl.Club wear items made out of stretch vinyl consist of brightly colored mini dresses, skin tight corsets, hot pants, mini skirts, and short jumpers.  These items are made for making a statement.

When people go out about their regular day, they are not going to be wearing something as dramatic as club wear, therefore, there has to be other items of clothing comprised of stretch vinyl that designers have created just for everyday life.  Many items such as raincoats, pants, jackets, and shoes have been created to meet these needs.  Shoes may surprise many individuals as being made out of vinyl, however, for items such as thigh high boots, the fabric used has the stretch like stretch vinyl, and otherwise it would take an extremely long time to get them on.

Men can even enjoy the ease of wearing stretch vinyl through shirts, pants, jackets, and accessories.  Men who are more outgoing and unafraid of what people might think are generally more willing to step out in public in a completely stretch vinyl top.  However, just like women have club wear, men do as well.  Men want to stand out in the crowd to.  Stretch vinyl is very popular amongst the fetish and gay communities, because they are such statement making pieces.  A gay man can come out in a stretch vinyl outfit and immediately get recognition and attention.  When you want to bring attention to a cause, sometimes simply dressing wild does the trick.  Stretch vinyl has also been regularly seen in the costumes of the gay pride parades around the world.

stretch vinyl nurse outfitCostumes both for Halloween and for personal uses are very big uses of stretch vinyl, because stretch vinyl is relatively inexpensive.  Also, its durability allows a costume purchaser to be secure in the fact that the costume just purchased can live many lives, in many venues, and in many ways.   Female costumes are a big source of stretch vinyl usage, because women love fabrics that hug their curves.  With stretch vinyl, women are able to easily maneuver into the garment without feeling as though they are being sucked into a specific body form like other stiff vinyl products do.

Stretch vinyl is also regularly used in the creation of swimsuits for both men and women; the same is for underwear and lingerie.  Women’s fetish lingerie has a lot of stretch vinyl elements that contribute to its strong and sexy look.  Men also enjoy the use of stretch vinyl in a lot of thongs and shorts produce by fetish and lingerie shops.

Stretch vinyl is very versatile, and can be used in many different ways.  It has the ability to fit and mold perfectly to the wearer’s body, and it is not as hard and tough as older vinyl treatments.  This creation has branched a new line of clothing that ranges from club and everyday wear to underwear and lingerie.  Those are some pretty tremendous gaps bridged by a single fabric.

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