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Leggings from stretch vinyl

Stretch vinyl leggings

Stretch vinyl leggings

Leggings are in this season and are expected to continue into the Fall. They are a versatile clothing item that can be paired with nearly anything, and can be made out of nearly any fabric. Because leggings are trending, designers have begun to expand their styles to include fabrics such as jean, lycra, and faux leather leggings.

Using faux leather for leggings suffers from the fact that the material is typically not that stretchy. Stretch vinyl is one of many new fabrics to burst on the fashion scene and it is helping to create some of the most comfortable and versatile leather-look items out there.

Stretch vinyl comes in two-way and four-way, in which the four-way stretch would be best in order to fit not only your legs comfortably, but your butt as well. Leggings do not simply come in black or white, they come in all sorts of different colors and designs.

Some of the most well known looks are simple black vinyl leggings that can be paired with a pair of heels, a nice jacket, and blouse. This style of allows for an individual to use them in both casual and dressy settings.

Patent vinyl leggings

Patent vinyl leggings

These bottoms also come in some of the wildest colors and patterns imaginable. You could have the plain old Zebra printed vinyl leggings, or you could have the pink, green, or yellow version of the Zebra print that is perfect for those individuals looking to standout.

If you are less inclined to spend a lot of money or the typical amount for a pair of trendy leggings then you can always make these creations on your own with a selected patter or design and the appropriate length of fabric.

These are easy enough to make, because all you need to do is to draw out the pattern of a pair of pants on the purchased fabric, cut, and sew. If you seek additional directions videos are easily available online.

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