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How to make a mermaid tail

Childrens mermaid tail.

Children's mermaid tail.

Whether your daughter wants to dress as Ariel for Halloween, you are planning a photo shoot at the beach, or you have dreams of looking like Darryl Hannah in Splash, you’ll often find it difficult to find a mermaid tail costume that is just right in the store. Luckily, it is very simple to make a mermaid tail out of a stretch fabric like lycra.


After you have selected the color that you want for your fabric, you can use a maxi skirt to help you create a pattern that will fit your height. Leaving enough room at the top to create a waistband and enough room at the bottom for a decorative, fish-like finish, cut it to fit your hips by turning a skirt that fits you well inside out and cutting along the edge.

Once you have cut past the muscular part of your quads, begin tapering it in to be fitted around the bottom of your quads and curving back out in the calves, leaving yourself enough room through the tightest part to walk comfortably. It is a good idea to leave more room than you think that you will need, as it is far easier to make it smaller than it is to make it larger.

DIY Gold mermaid tailFrom there, sew your two pieces together and add an elastic waistband at the top. Try it on for size and, if you have too much room, taper it in to fit the way that you want; try safety pinning your new seam so that you get an idea of how it will fit once completed or sew large, easy to remove stitches.

Once you have found your perfect fit, sew your new seam; it is a good idea to reinforce seams on stretch fabrics by simply sewing over the seam a second time. To finish the bottom, cut a wavy scalloped pattern or tail shape, leaving it open so that you can still walk. Once you are finished, pair it with your favorite bikini top, loose, wavy curls, and enjoy your new stretch fabric mermaid tail!

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