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Stretch Fabric Halloween Costumes

When October rolls around, it’s usually the time for everyone to make a mad dash to the costume shop to buy whatever leftovers they can find for Halloween. This year, why not skip the hassle and just make your own costume? There are a ton of different ideas out there, and many of them can be constructed using everyone’s favorite – stretch fabric. If you plan to use that this next trick or treat season, consider some of the costume ideas listed below for inspiration.

Cat Woman
Cat Woman is the emblem of super hero sex appeal, and her look can be easily made from stretch fabric. There are a lot of different interpretations out there to Cat Woman’s look, so you have the option to get a bit creative.

All you need is some good, shiny stretch fabric (usually vinyl) and a set of cat ears to get started. Most often you will find this costume in black, but there are versions in blue and purple. Look up some pictures of cat woman herself and start sewing.

Sexy Nurse
A hot nurse outfit is a must have for at least one Halloween in your lifetime. You can make your nurse costume as tight as you want it to be, and you can be paired with a cute doctor if you’re going to a couple’s party. The key to that ho nurse look is to make your costume a little bit on the short side and slightly revealing up top. Pair this look with some sexy heels and you’ll have all the people swooning at your work costume party. Stretch PVC and vinyl work well here, but just about any stretch fabric will due. The key component is you, after all.

Rock Star
This look works for men and women alike. Most rock stars love stretch fabric, especially when it comes to the pant they wear. If you are looking for something fun and funky, that rock star look could be the perfect fit. Black is a must in terms of color selection, but you can have a wild print to pair with it. The pants have to be skin tight, but that’s where the stretch comes into play. Studded belts and headbands can complete your look, depending on what era of rock you are aiming to emulate.

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Genies are usually the subject of kids’ costume parties, but that doesn’t mean that adult genies aren’t fun too. Think of “I Dream of Genie” if you need a reference for that. For your genie look, you can use stretch fabric that hangs loosely on the body. The pants should be a bit on the poofy side, but the top can be short and tight. Feel free to go wild with colors since most genies are decked in bright blues, greens, pinks and metallics. Get some gold jewelry to complete the look and you’ll grant the wishes of all the people that pass by you this Halloween.

Witches are pretty popular around this time of year, but that doesn’t mean that the costume is any less fun to make. Get some black stretch fabric and some green body paint and just go to town. You can make your witch costume look like something sultry from the Renaissance era, or you could just make it a cloak to shroud your body. Either way, stretch fabric can easily come into play. You can even make your witch hat out of stretch fabric and wire if you want. That way you have the same material featured throughout our costume.

Pirates can be hot or they can be ugly. It just depends on which kind you want to be. In either case though, a flouncy shirt made from off white stretch fabric can be paired with an eye patch for an easy costume. Get some fake gold teeth and a parrot from a toy store and you will almost have your whole costume put together. Then all you need is some boots, some stretchy black pants and a sword to finish off the look. Gold is the choice metal when it comes to pirate jewelry, so dress up n some rings and earrings to truly put the final touches on this look.

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