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Types of Skirts to make with Stretch Fabric

One of the easiest pieces of clothing to create is the stretch skirt, but it still helps to gather introductory information before starting this project. Skirts of different lengths are made from versatile elastic materials.

You might want to start out creating pieces of a simpler design and then work up to the more complex versions. This may be a hobby for you at first, and eventually it could become a profession. When you are not sure of your pattern-making skills, stretch fabrics can help you to gain the practice and confidence that you need to move on to other types of fabric.

Some of the Most Popular Types of Skirts from Stretch Fabric:

  • Bias Cut Skirt – This is a skirt of which the seams are cut on an angle against the natural fabric grain instead of straight across the grain. These garments are often long, flowing, made into an A-line shape, and come in formal and informal variants. However, other styles such as pencil-shaped variants of this very important clothing ensemble piece can be created.
Maternity Skirt

Maternity Skirt with Stretch Fabric

  • Maternity Skirt – This covers a wide variety of skirts made with stretch fabric. Sometimes extra elastic is used in the abdominal area but oftentimes the entire material is made into a more seamless style. Denim and cotton as well as Spandex and other expandable materials are used to make a wide array of this type of garment. Today, short, medium, and long cuts are designed for the expectant mother.
  • Trouser Skirt – The black, charcoal, or navy washable ones made and sold by Eddie Bauer are a perfect example of the type of skirt that can be made using stretchable fabric. This business-like pencil design is a recommended professional or casual pick that is appropriate for multiple locations.  Knee and angle length varieties also can be made with stretch material, as well as the below-the-knee variety that has buttons all the way down the front and on the pockets.


  • Mini Skirt – Denim and cotton are the two main fabrics that are often combined with other elastic materials such as Spandex or Lycra used to create mini-skirts. The A-line and pencil versions are among the most popular. Sometimes shorter ones with ruffles are worn today and these can also be constructed with stretch fabric.


  • Pencil Skirt from Stretch Fabric

    Pencil Skirt from Stretch Fabric

    Pencil- This style is one that usually is shaped to fit symmetrically all around and straight down from the waist. Pencil-shaped skirts are often cut for wearing just above or below the knee.  Certain types are appropriate for the office while others might be more suitable for a night out. 

There are many different styles to choose from, giving you endless projects.  Using stretch fabrics can be a great tool for people who want to try to make their own patterns but have never tried before, as they are more forgiving to your pattern-cutting mistakes than rigid fabrics, which often wind up not fitting together properly or not being large enough for your body until you are more accustomed to making your own patterns.  Stretch fabrics will often stretch to fit the other pattern pieces or your body.  Have fun exploring and trying different styles of stretch skirts!

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Cosplay Costumes

Glossy stretch fabric

MJTrends: Shiny Stretch fabric

Cosplay costumes have been a big hit in Asian culture for years, but just recently they made their way to the western market and came with a big storm. This is mainly due to the sweeping popularity of anime that is now present in the states.

Americans seem to be swept away by the stories, drama, and lives of these animated characters, so it is only logical that people would want to develop costumes based on them. If you are part of the cosplay world, you should know that there are a lot of costumes out there that can be constructed from stretch fabric. This figure flattering and affordable alternative is easy to work with and quite versatile in this realm. Below are a few different cosplay ideas to inspire you.

Sailor Moon
Sailor moon became a popular series here in the U.S. several years ago. This cute but spunky character has an equally cute and spunky outfit that would work great in your next cosplay party. Stretch vinyl would be perfect for this look based on the overall silhouette the character portrays. You would need to construct a white and blue sailor suit with red bows to pull off the Sailor Moon attire, but you can find templates for this costume readily available online.

Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII
A Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII jacket can be made entirely out of PVC or stretch vinyl, and really all it consists of is a trench coat with a chain to accompany it. This hooded jacket has a zipper that goes from top to bottom, and it has deep pockets on the side.

If you’re a fan of the video game, you’ll love being able to make your own cosplay Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII jacket to cal your own. Surprisingly enough, this look is even a bit on the fashionable side, so you wouldn’t be crazy for making this part of your daily wardrobe as well. Of course, you would know the secret behind its origins.

The cute vests of Hatsune Miku can make great stretch fabric cosplay outfits. You can use polyester, stretch vinyl, PVC, or basically anything else you might desire. You just need the right colors and accessories.

The top itself needs to be silver, and then the sleeves and skirt need to be black with either green or red trim. Give yourself a matching tie and a set of knee-highs and you almost have a complete look.
All that is left is the pigtails and boot, both of which can easily be done.

Hatsune Miku’s nurse outfit can also make for a great cosplay look. Decked in all pink, you should be the talk of the anime party. You need a set of good, white buttons and some red trim to really tie things together, but for the base, you just need two shades of stretch pink fabric. Of course, keep the pigtails in mind for this look as well, and don’t forget the matching pink nurse’s hat. Finish everything off with those pink knee-highs and you’re all set.

Star Trek
To keep things a bit more American, you could always dress up like your favorite character from Star Trek. Captain Kirk’s yellow shirt could easily be made of stretch vinyl or even velvet if that was the look you wanted to achieve. You have to make sure to add the badge, of course, along with the black neckline and gold trim down at the bottom.

For the ladies, you can make a TNG Skant uniform from black blue fabrics. This will be a bit more difficult to construct when compared to the easy, long sleeve shirt for the men, but that’s to be expected with any female attire. Just make sure you know a bit of Kling-On before you go into any conventions.

Don’t Forget…
When you’re constructing a cosplay look, don’t forget about the wigs. Usually that’s what sends a regular person in a costume into someone actually portraying a character. With the Vocaloid costumes, for instance, it may be hard for you to make that headset and get that long blue hair without a wig. Just remember those finishing touches that put everything together.

Shiny vinyl stretch fabric

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