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Fashion ideas for latex sheeting

latex design.Latex sheeting is sheets of latex fabric sold by the linear yard on fabric websites and in fabric stores.  Latex sheeting is the perfect item for the do-it-yourself crowd who want the latex look without the latex price.  Many latex fashions are expensive, because it takes time and skill to be able to properly piece together a latex outfit, especially one that is form fitting.  Latex sheeting offers a variety of choices when it comes to designing from home to wardrobe.

One of the best ways to learn how to use latex sheeting is to grab up the book Making Latex Clothes by Sian-Kate Mooney.  This latex how-to shows how to create some of the quintessential latex fashions from latex dresses to latex leggings.  All these designs incorporate latex sheeting in order to create the looks that are in the book.  Latex sheeting is just like any other fabric where it can be cut, measured, and sewn together to make many different types of latex clothing.

One item that would be great to make that is highly fashionable this year is a pair of latex leggings.  Since latex sheeting generally comes in black or red, there will be many uses for these homemade leggings.  You can take pride in knowing that you have completed making your own latex clothing that is extremely fashionable.  All you need it the proper yardage for your size, some sewing materials, and not to mention a sewing machine.

Latex box pleats example

Latex box pleats example

Latex sheeting, unlike other fabrics does not tear or rip, that is not saying that you do not need to be careful as holes are noticeable.  Another great clothing item that is easy to make is a latex skirt.  Choosing any latex color that is available you can transform your closet full of skirts into a closet full of sexy, fun, and confident latex skirts.  Just like with leather, black latex sheeting is great for creating that biker chic style, and the perfect way is to create a cute skirt whether it be a mini for the daring, a pencil for the business woman, or a long elegant skirt for the model in you.

latex sheet for bedding

latex sheet for bedding

Latex bedding is another great use for latex sheeting.  Yards of latex sheeting are the basic elements of latex bedding.  You can take latex sheeting and cut out the yardage needed to fit the size of your bed, and then cut out some lengths of matching latex sheeting strips in order to create trims.

For the fitted sheet, all you need is some latex sheeting and some elastic to sew at the bunch ends and along the sides to a great stretch to fit across your bed.  Latex sheeting is a great accent to a room for pleasure or simply to those who enjoy the feel of latex, not to mention it will keep you warm during the winter time.

Other great latex sheeting homemade options are: personalized handmade latex undergarments, latex gloves, latex garter belts, latex faux flowers, and much more (specific instructions can be found online).  All of these listed latex design options do not require a great amount of latex, thus can be made without causing too much waist.  Latex garter belts only require a few strips of latex sheeting that are big enough to fit around your leg, while latex gloves only require a small square of latex sheeting to complete the main pattern for the latex gloves.

More interesting are the latex faux flowers which can be a great personal touch to party décor, condolences, and even as thank you gifts.  These personalized faux flowers are a low maintenance way to brighten up any room, and they are very easy to make, but will take some patience and some time.  This is a great way to relax or make a fun project for kids where their imaginations can stretch far and allow them to create beautiful pieces of any size, shape, or color.

Latex sheeting is extremely versatile in its ability to be made into just about everything from clothing to household items.  Latex sheeting is one way to go to hand make something that you do not have to fear will tear easily, and is a great material for learners.  The next time you’re in the market for some fabric, pick up some latex sheeting and see what you can create. Just remember, any of these ideas have easy to follow instructions available online or in latex how-to books.

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