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Two Way Stretch Vinyl vs. Four Way Stretch Vinyl
If you weren’t aware that there were differences in stretch vinyl materials, you should find the information below to be quite helpful. The fact is that vinyl comes in two options, two way stretch and four way stretch.

As the name may indicate, two way vinyl can only stretch from left to right. Four way vinyl, on the other hand, can stretch both horizontally and vertically. There are different benefits to each material, often making it difficult to pick which one you want to use for a project. Consider some of the comparison issues below to better make that pick in the future.

Two way stretch vinyl is often considered to be more durable than four way stretch vinyl because it is a bit thicker than the second option. The stretchiness of the four way vinyl makes the material quite thin at times and thus easier to tear. Plus, four way vinyl can move in all directions, making it easier to be pulled and ripped in certain situations. If you need something that is going to last a long time or that will need to withstand a lot of pulling, two way stretch vinyl would most likely be your best option.

When it comes to versatility, four way stretch vinyl reigns supreme. This is because the stretch goes in all directions, rather than just one straight line. If you were looking to stretch the fabric over something spherical, like the top of a seat, this four way stretching ability would come in handy. The fabric is available in all of the same colors and patterns as the two way stretch material, so there is no loss in the color options or anything of that nature. This just adds to the versatility of it.

Of course, the four way stretch is going to be considered more stretchy than the two way stretch, just based on the logic of having something stretch in multiple directions. It should, however, be noted that two way stretch vinyl will stretch farther in the direction that it does go. This might be easily understood with the illustration of Silly Putty.

When you stretch that from side to side, it gets a lot longer than when you pull on it on all corners like a square. The same thing happens with the vinyl. Four way loses its stretchiness over time, but it can move all around.

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It can be hard to use any type of vinyl for certain projects just because the sewing can show through over even rip the fabric during construction. When comparing two way and four way stretch vinyl, the two way is arguably easier to work with. That’s because you can sew along the non-stretchy side and have little difficulties working with it. However, if you need something that must stretch in all directions and be sewn like that, the four way stretch vinyl might be considered more usable. It again depends on the project.

In this situation, you basically have a tie. You can find both two way stretch vinyl and four way stretch vinyl out there on the market for purchase. Neither are necessarily difficult to locate, especially if you are conducting your search via the internet. There may be some stores that specialize in one or the other, but as a whole, one isn’t necessarily produced in a higher quantity. As long as you find a good fabric shop to go through, you should be able to locate the kind of stretch vinyl you need at any time.

Both types of vinyl are very affordable. Four way stretch vinyl is sometimes slightly more expensive, but that is just because of the engineering that has to go into it. Even with the price difference though, you aren’t going to break the bank using either form of stretch vinyl for a project.

You can even mix and match if the situation is right, to where you have one type of vinyl for part of an ensemble and then the other type for the remaining part. That is all dependent upon your creativity and needs. Just know that if you have a desire to make something out of stretch fabric, vinyl is an excellent choice.

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