Types of Stretch Fabrics

If you have a few projects in mind, you might be interested in hearing about all of the stretch fabrics there are on the market nowadays. There are a number of options out there, many of which you might not even know about. Below are some fabric suggestions that may inspire your next sewing frenzy. Some work better than others, so be sure to take note of the differences in each.

This is, of course, the ultimate stretch fabric. It’s nothing but stretch. Spandex isn’t exactly ideal for everyday wear, but it can be incorporated into a variety of swimwear and costumes that you might want to make at some point in time. Spandex is actually features in a number of the stretch fabric listed below, acting as the cause of the stretch in the first place. It’s around a lot more than you might realize.

Glossy stretch fabric

MJTrends: Shiny Stretch fabric

This is what most people think of when they hear “stretch fabric”. Vinyl can be found in two way and four way stretch, and it is incorporated in an array of costumes, adult fetish wear, and general going out outfits. It again may not be ideal for the office or a fancy dinner based on the sheen and extreme stretchiness, but it can be a lot of fun to work with.

Stretch vinyls cousin, patent vinyl, is often featured in seating, like bar stools and padded cushions. It’s also used in certain types of clothing, but often only in small quantities. Full vinyl looks don’t go over well with the public unless they are in the right setting. If you want to use vinyl in an everyday ensemble, wear it in a neutral color like back or brown. Yellow and red can be fun for costume parties, but such bright colors are a bit of an eye sore at times. Just use your judgment when working with this shiny material.

A lot of people don’t know that stretch velvet exists, but alas, you can get that sultry fabric in a stretchy form. You can maintain the same elegance that is usually associated with velvet, but by working in stretch, you can also get the fit of your dreams. Stretch velvet has the ability to really show off a woman’s curves, and unlike the options mentioned above, it is appropriate for the office or otherwise.

You can find stretch denim in a number of popular fashion looks nowadays. Once it hit the scene, people started picking it up off the shelves like it was the one and only option for jeans. Stretch denim is a bit harder to work with than regular denim, but it makes for great pants when you want something that hugs and tugs. You can also make stretch denim jackets or even denim shirt.

It just depends on the cut and pattern as to whether or not the stretchy fabric is going to work well for you. Make sure to get the appropriate hue of denim as well because something too light can be out of place on a casual Friday at work.

You can find stretch cotton on the market nowadays, which usually works well for casual tops and skirts. It isn’t the subject for a lot of “fancy” attire, but like most stretch fabric, it can be quite comfortable. Modern day moms on the go will appreciate the flattering but loose fitting feel that is associated with stretch cotton, beyond the fact that it is easy to wash. That makes it great for meetings and outings with the kids, depending on the situation.

Polyester is an affordable stretch fabric that is readily found on the market today. While polyester is often associated with “cheap” clothes, it can have a classy vibe if you work with it well. The key is to use it in a classy piece of clothing, rather than a plain top or pair of pants. Dress it up with some key accessories, and make sure to keep it clean. The rest is really a matter of how well you sew and what the outfit looks like on your body. Only you can determine what the best look is for yourself.

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  1. JJ says:

    What is the black leather stretch fabric called? Also do you know where to purchase samples?


  2. admin says:

    I think most people refer to it as faux leather. You should checkout MJTrends.com – they have 2-way stretch black faux leather.

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